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  Flame working or lamp working is one of my favorite ways to spend time in my home studio. The ease of creation throughout the day, plays directly into the magic of each and every work of art.

   The colors are unlimited and so there is no end to the bounty of ideas.  So its my time to relax and enjoy the creative process.  Each pendant is made by applying different color rods or frit (powdered or small chucks of colored glass) layer upon layer with the use of a controlled direct flame (1200 -1500 degrees).  Manipulating the molten with tools such as tweezers, a sculpting knife and a few other necessities.  

Most of my creations with flame working are angels, hearts, spiritual symbols, waves, goddesses.  Those are the themes that speak to me more directly and so I enjoy making them! While I love what they express, I do prefer the more abstract reference to the theme.  I would prefer to allude to the subject rather than make it too evident.  I love the curiosity that is inspired when one first sees the Pendant. 


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